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Cost Estimating Process

1. Estimating for A/E Firms and General Contractors

    A. Fee Proposal

PPM will provide clients an Hourly Fee Range based on the scope of work provided to us. The Fee will include a “Not To Exceed” amount. If the Scope of work increases or changes, an additional Fee Proposal will be provided before any additional work is performed on the Cost Estimate.

Bid and Add / Deduct Alternates should be identified in the information provided. Any Alternates NOT identified in the original Scope of Work will be considered an additional service. An additional fee proposal will be submitted to the client before performing the additional service. 

We ask our clients to provide us with any or all information regarding the project prior to submitting the Fee Proposal. This can included Digital or Hard Copy Drawings, or any information in Scope Narrative form if the plans have not been developed yet.

A separate Fee Proposal will be provided for each Design Phase from Program / Conceptual Phase through Construction Document.

NOTE: Please see Owners Rep / Project Manager / Project Engineer Services for PPM Estimating services while Managing a project.


   B. Performing The Estimate

PPM will provide a highly detailed spread sheet broken down by all 16 CSI Divisions. All line items, Calculations, Quantities, Notes / Assumptions, and Pricing will be clearly identified in the spread sheet.  We can also provide a CSI-50 and Uni-Format Estimating Breakdown.

Every Estimate we perform is completely customized for each project. We do NOT make a project fit into a cookie-cutter type format.

We believe Open Communication with the client is key during the Take-Off process regarding questions on Plan Key Notes, Dimensions, and Plan / Drawing Errors. This saves Time and Money for both parties increasing our efficiency and the accuracy of our Estimates.

PPM Take-Off Software can capture images of a drawing to illustrate where quantities

PPM can perform Quantity Take-Offs and develop Budget estimates off of the following:

            - Hand Drawn Plans (Electronic File or Hard Copy)

            - Electronic Files (Sent via Email)

                    > PDF Drawings (CAD / Revit Drawings)

                    > Photos (Elevation / Ariel Views)

                    > Google Sketch Up files

            - Scope Narrative documents (Electronic or Hard Copy)


    C. Turn-Around Time

The amount of time required to deliver a completed Construction Budget Estimate varies with the size and complexity of the project.

PPM will ALWAYS do what ever it takes to deliver an estimate to our clients within their given time frame. We typically ask for 2 full weeks to turn around most estimates, but we understand that delays happen in the design process and we can usually always meet a requested turn around time. In the end, we do what ever it takes to make the project a success.

    D. Pricing Verification

Unit costs will be based on pricing data from area general contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers experienced in performing the specific type of work.

Please note that unit prices will be based on current bid market conditions.

We feel it is imperative to solicit the expertise of area contractors actively engaged in bidding and constructing similar projects. Contractors utilized as resources for pricing data, construction methods and scheduling will be listed for reference purposes in each of the cost estimates.