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Value Engineering Process

Our proposed Value Engineering(VE) process consists of three steps:

Step No. 1: Prepare a preliminary SD or DD "quantity take-off" estimate to establish a Baseline Construction Budget.

Step No. 2: Prepare preliminary "quantity take-off" estimates of proposed VE Options

Step No. 3: Validate unit pricing with potential General Contractors and Subcontractors

Step No. 1 - allows the project Team to confirm that the initial design criteria established by the Architect to meet the Owners basic functional needs will yield a Baseline Construction Budget within the target range of the Owners or Architects established Construction Budget. The quantity take-off 
estimate enables all Team members the opportunity to verify that initial design specifics have been included in the estimate and that initial unit pricing is reasonable. This preliminary estimate is critical since it will confirm if the target Construction Budget is achievable. The preliminary estimate also helps establish the scope of possible VE opportunities.

Step No. 2 - allows the project Team to understand the cost implications of the various VE Options established by the Architect and Owner. VE Options and their varied combinations may have minimal or or no cost impacts or may have increase or decrease cost impacts. The scope of these VE impacts can then be utilized to see the impact on the Baseline Construction Budget.

Step No. 3 - solicits the all important input of potential bidders on the project. Both General Contractors and Subcontractors are engaged to review the Baseline Construction Budget and also the VE pricing options. Their input helps to validate that the unit pricing is reasonable given the anticipated
bid climate and also that proposed materials and systems are conducive to availability and competitive bidding. The Contractors recommendations are immensely important to help validate that the Baseline Construction Budget combined with potential VE Options can reasonably achieve the established target Construction Budget.