Construction Progress Photos

Project Location: Democratic Republic of The Congo, Fungurume, South Africa

Project Completion Date: 6/15/08 - 10/1/09

Project Cost: $1.9 Billion

Project Size: 1,500 Square Kilometers

Project Contact References:

Bill Cravins, Sr. Construction Manager

        (DRC, Africa Cell: +243-99-535-6949


Sam Rasmussen, Mine Manager (currently working for Lundin Mining)

        +46(0) 583-822-02

        Cell: +46 (0) 70-213-1299


Khaled Sunna, Director of Construction

        (602) 300-8641


Dave McCord, North America Project Controls Director

        (602) 366-7728


Jeff Best, TFM Mine Manager

        +243-099-535-6964 (DRC Africa)


Phillip Brumit, Freeport Director of Africa Operations

        (602)-535-7269 (USA)


Reece Fuller, Director of Commissioning


Services Provided:

Additional roles included the following:

1. Created and implemented a host of Project Controls Systems to manage and coordinate the day to day efforts and progress of eight major Prime Contractors and FMI Project Staff. These Systems included the following:

a.Project Controls / Action Plan Outline

b.Project Coordination Meeting Agenda format

c.Project Coordination Meeting Notes and Action Plan format

d.Daily Construction and Commissioning Action Plans

e.Weekly Look Ahead Action Plans

f.Major Work Phase Completion Action Plans

g.Construction – Operations – Maintenance Coordination Action Plan

h.Plant Wide Shut Down and Start-Up Schedules

i.Plant Operations & Process Optimization Action Plans:  Created and maintained Process Optimization Plans for Plant Wide Operations; Acid Plant; Cobalt Plant; Electro Winning; SO2 Plant; Spares and Parts Inventory

j.Team Member Responsibility Matrix

k.Procurement Responsibility Matrix

l.Consultant & Vendor Management Responsibility Matrix

m.Project Close Out Action Plan

n.Lessons Learned

  1. 1.Construction Coordinator:

Conducted daily Construction Progress reviews with all Prime Contractors; Created and maintained Project Wide weekly schedule Action Plans for all Contractors to follow.

  1. 1.Commissioning Coordinator:

Conducted daily Commissioning Progress reviews with all Prime Contractors and FMI Commissioning Managers; Created and maintained Project Wide weekly Commissioning Schedule Action Plans for all Parties and Contractors to follow.

  1. 1.Quality Control / Quality Assurance Final Inspections and Acceptance Coordinator for all Mining Process Systems, Equipment, and Facilities ($1.6 billion value):

Coordinated all QC / QA Inspection activities; Conducted daily walk-through inspections and created and maintained weekly Project Wide work completion plans and punch list summaries.

5. Assistant Construction Coordinator for the $150m Tailings Storage Facility:

Created and maintained the revised project budget and progress tracking system that enabled us to make revised design decisions well in advance to avoid potential schedule delays.

  1. 1.Construction Coordinator for the $250m Cobalt Processing Facility:

Conducted daily Project Coordination Meetings and daily walk-through inspections. Created and maintained daily work completion plans and punch list summaries.

At peak construction there were more than 6,500 workers on site. This facility, when at full production, will produce 300 tons of 99.9% pure plated copper and 100 tons of 44% pure Cobalt Hydroxide per day. The following are components, in addition to the mining facilities:

Refurbishment of the existing Airport landing strip and construction of temporary Terminal Facilities that will lead the way for the eventual construction of the first International Airport in the Congo. Phase II includes an extended 1.5 km landing strip and new Terminal and Hanger Facilities to accommodate Boeing 727’s.

New National Highway system connecting the East and West borders and Customs check-point facilities. Also includes a seven-lane customs / border check-point facility with Administration Office Facilities for 150 personnel.

Housing complex for more than 5,000 workers.

Office and Housing complex for the 150 Project Management Staff.

Housing and small city complex with retail stops, recreational facilities, schools, athletic facilities, etc. for 6,500 residents, including mining operations, support staff, and family members.

The relocation of three nearby villages of about 1,000 native Congolese to four new housing locations.

Hydro Electric Dam renovation and installation of a new high voltage tower power line to the site.

Potable water and waste water treatment facilities.

Concrete and asphalt batch plant facilities.

An explosives manufacturing facility for mining and quarry operations.

A DTD manufacturing facility to help erratic malaria.