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Project Closeout

Our experience has taught us that successful project close-out starts at the beginning of the project not at the end! Some of the tasks that lead to an efficient project closeout include:

  1.     Establishing a strict discipline for all required paper work throughout the process. 

  1.     Keeping submitted information updated and organized

  1.     Setting clear expectations in the beginning and working hand in hand with the various parties on a day-to-day basis throughout the process to monitor compliance. 

  1.     Be consistent throughout the project.

  1.     Commissioning.

  1. 1.     We recommend the commissioning agent be brought in during design to discuss commissioning procedures with the Design Team.

  1. 2.    Bid specifications should include commissioning procedures for mechanical, electrical, and building management systems. This will avoid additional project costs at project closeout. 

  1. 3.    We will assist with the commissioning process to ensure that the commissioning agent and Owner’s Consulting Engineers conduct a commissioning process that includes thorough inspection and testing of all major building systems. 

  1. 4.     The results of the commissioning process will be fully documented and incorporated into the project closeout records.